Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 47: for Jane

Today, God's love has really been on my mind.  I was sitting outside, just thinking of how far God has brought me and how much he has blessed me.  My prayer is that I live a life that says "thank you" to him.  That's kind of how it goes when we love someone... we want to spend time with them, do things for them, bless them in whatever way we can.

But what God establishes as sacred, the enemy is always ready to destroy.  I truly believe that God designed us with a desire for love so that he could fill that void with his own Holy Spirit, and then after that, show us how true human relational love is supposed to function.  Without God, though, we are just filling a bottomless pit with things that do not satisfy.  Jane wanted that love so badly, and she thought she finally had it, but how disillusioned she truly was...

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