Thursday, March 31, 2011

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            In 2009, I was blessed to travel to Matamoros, Mexico with my youth group.  While we met many wonderful people and saw God at work in many ways,  I will never forget the day we ventured to share God’s love in the “red light” district.  I was horrified to see girls my own age selling themselves on the street corners in front of small shacks that gave no privacy.  Men walked the street with an air of authority, knowing it all too well.  Frankly, I just wanted to throw up.
             My translator explained that in Mexico, prostitution is a trap; once a girl enters the system, she is prevented from ever leaving.  Clients pay managers directly, who pay the prostitutes in groceries or goods of some sort.  These girls never see any money themselves, so they are unable to save enough to move on. Prostitution, for them, is a life sentence.
I met one girl on the street named Ruby who couldn’t have been much older than me.   At age 16 then, I had just gotten my learner’s permit, I was beginning to think about colleges, and I was really excited for all the opportunities the future held for me.  Ruby, on the other hand, only had a life of abuse by strangers to look forward to.
World Vision is an organization on the forefront of aiding the needy around the world, including sexually exploited girls.  89% of their proceeds go directly to the field.  They have excellent programs for trafficked girls all over the world including rescue, medical and psychological services, safe housing, aftercare and vocational training among other great programs.  (Read more at
          This summer, I am running 365 miles to raise money for World Vision’s fund to care for sexually exploited girls.  I’m calling it Running for Ruby.  Every mile I run will hopefully represent one better day for a trafficking victim.  The difficulty of running 365 miles is nothing compared to what these girls are going through 365 days of the year, but still, I pray that God will use this experience to open my eyes to the suffering.  In an ironic sort of way, I am selling myself to you by running so that they don't have to sell themselves to strangers.  Would you consider sponsoring me in this endeavor?
Jesus once said, " if someone asks you to carry their pack one mile, take it two."  Together, we can show the love of Christ to those in need by picking up their burdens going these extra miles.
Thank you and God bless!
               Stephanie White

PS:  See sidebar for donation information... and be sure to follow my journey on here.  I'll try to post weekly updates.  Thank you again!


  1. For your calculations…..

    5 cents per mile = $18.25

    10 cents per mile = $36.50

    15 cents per mile = $54.75

    20 cents per mile= $73.00

    25 cents per mile = $91.25

    30 cents per mile = $109.50

    40 cents per mile = $146.00

    50 cents per mile = $182.50

    60 cents per mile = $219.00

    70 cents per mile = $255.50

    75 cents per mile = $273.75

    80 cents per mile = $292.00

    90 cents per mile = $328.50

    $1 per mile = $365.00

  2. Stephanie,in lieu of a birthday gift this year, we made a donation to Running for Ruby. God Bless
    love Uncle Michael and Auntie Terry