Thursday, March 31, 2011


(Read the bottom post first.)

April 2 marks the first day of my journey.  In order to keep pace, I'll have to run  just over 4 miles per day until August.  This will leave me weekends off and about 12 additional break days, so if I'm busy, injured (God forbid), or have to take a day off or change up my pace a little, I have a little bit of wiggle room.  While I am running 4 miles, consider praying for 4 minutes for an end to the sex trade, for the victims to be healed physically and emotionally, for freedom, and for God's love to restore wounded hearts.


Because God first loved me,


  1. You go Steph, careful out there. Listen to your body. Good luck Auntie Terry

  2. HOw is it going? Be sure you are stretching well.
    Do you have a coach or someone to ask about running? Replace your sneakers @ 3 months, even sooner if you start to feel any new symptoms

  3. It's going well! Stretching especially my right ankle after the arthroscopic surgery, and it feels good so far. I'll be needing new sneakers in a few weeks! I don't have a coach, but I have two teachers who have run the Boston a couple of times. They've been really helpful, but any other pointers are also appreciated! is really good too. Thank you for the support!

    Love, Stephie