Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 7: for Ka

What was the last thing you spent $6 on?  For me, it was a small iced coffee and an egg, ham, and cheese English muffin sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts.  Not much, really, but a good after school energizer.  I mean, $6 isn't much at all... it's about 40 minutes worth of work on minimum wage, two gallons of gas, a Big Mac value meal.  $4 less than a hot dog at Fenway.  To us, it's nothing, but to Ka...

Ka's story.

Maybe you're not in a place where you can write a big check.... or even a small one.  I know that I'm not financially blessed compared to many of my friends and neighbors... or even financially stable, a lot of the time.  But just $6 would have made the difference for Ka.  Her purity was set at the same value as a coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  There's that cliche "every penny counts," but when dealing with extreme poverty and international currency exchanging, every penny really does make a difference!  Ka's debt for two years was $6.  One penny towards Ka's debt would be the equivalence of $100 for someone who makes $30,000 in a year... one penny!  Five dollars would be $5,000 to Ka.

There's so much we could do to help the Ka's in the world... many things that are as simple as saving up some spare change.  I pray that God leads us to make sacrifices for his children... me included!  They're not asking for a million dollar foundation.  They're just praying for change...


29.89 miles

Because He first loved me,

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