Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 8, part 2: for Alex

Today, my best friend Alex ran with me.  She's not a runner (yet... I'm working on that one though!) so it meant a lot that she was willing to still run by my side.  As we got to our halfway point, we stopped at a little pond to take a break, she said, "Steph, I want to take what I'm good at and use it as an act of worship."  We spent the rest of the run brainstorming the different ways we could use our gifts to advance God's glory.  I felt so encouraged and motivated to continue running hard for God's glory, for the sake of his people, and I'm so excited for the ways that Alex is working hard to do the same with her own talents.  I'm thankful for the reminder that devotion to God and his people is a lot more accessible than we tend to make it... or at least more accessible than I tend to make it.  How can you use your gifts for God?

Cool aside: Today, 4th place marathon finisher and devoted Christian Ryan Hall ran for World Vision and for his own foundation for schools in Kenya, plus he took time to lift up God's name at the finish line today... so cool to see in Boston in public!  Talk about using your gifts for God!

36.16 miles


Because HE first loved me,

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